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What to do to live happily ever after

Thoughts on parashat Noach.  

The fear of the LORD prolongs life, While the years of the wicked will be shortened. 

Proverbs 10:27

Immortality is an eternal human longing and its motif is interlaced throughout all religions and cultures of the world, including secular culture. We see this theme everywhere. Literature, Continue Reading

A sanctuary in time and space

Thoughts on parashat Terumah.

Rabbi Elazar of Bartotha said: give to Him of that which is His, for you and that which is yours is His; and thus it says with regards to David: “for everything comes from You, and from Your own hand have we given you” (I Chronicles 29:14).

Pirke Avot 3:7 

We live in an organized and Continue Reading

Sprawiedliwość jest czymś kosmicznym

Refleksja nad paraszą Wajeszew.

Porcja Tory na ten tydzień zaczyna się od opowieści o tym, jak Jakub osiedla się w Hebronie ze swoimi dwunastoma synami. Jego ulubionym synem jest siedemnastoletni Józef, o którego jego bracia są zazdrośni, gdyż jest faworyzowany przez ojca. Żeby jeszcze pogorszyć sprawę, Continue Reading

Can’t we all just get along?

Thoughts on parashat Mattot-Masei.

Recently I re-watched an American classic “Saving Private Ryan”. The main character of the story, Captain John H. Miller, played by Tom Hanks, (spoiler alert) was killed by a German soldier whose life was spared earlier by captain Miller himself, in an act of benevolence and mercy. Continue Reading