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Freedom: Carved in Stone, but Not Given Unconditionally

Passover – a festival of freedom – has begun. The concept of freedom is one of those concepts that we might think we fully understand or at least know what they’re about. However, the limits of how we might understand freedom are not strictly defined; this is a wide-ranging and deep concept. Also, when we want to point to the essence of freedom, Continue Reading

Everyone is Equal in the Face of Death

Thoughts on Parashat Va’etchanan

At the beginning of this week’s Torah portion Moses asks the Eternal to let him enter the Promised Land. God does not cave to his pleas, the only thing He offers him in exchange is a suggestion for Moses to climb to the top of mount Pisgah, from where he will be able to take a look at the Land given to Israel (Deut 3:23-27.) This story ends in Continue Reading